Rides & Attractions at All Star Adventures!

All Star Adventures will keep you and your family or group entertained and amused for hours. To learn more about the exciting attractions, just look below. You'll learn a little bit more about the fun we have at the park every day!

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Visit our Hours & Directions for details.  Safety and height restrictions apply to all attractions.  Attractions may close due to weather, repair or maintenance.

Please check hours of operation for attraction availability.

Miniature Golf

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Get in the swing of things by playing either of our two uniquely themed, 18-hole miniature golf courses designed exclusively for All Star Adventures.  Throughout the courses you will find several themed structures including a pirate ship, windmill, and a huge castle. Enjoy the look and sounds of the numerous fountains and spectacular waterfalls. 

Make a splash and see if you can play through the big Water Wheel! Shoot a hole-in-one at the Victorian Course by putting your way straight to victory!  Swing your way through the Pirate Ship or the Castle to become the champion of Mini-golf world.  Whatever your skill level, both of our mini golf courses are designed to captivate, both young and old, and challenge your goofy golf greatness! 

It's truly an Adventure in fun!  Our lush landscaping and flourishing foliage make your mini golf adventure a sporting success for all ages!  Don't forget to visit the 18th Hole Lodge to wrap up your mini-golf championship.

Driving Range

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The driving range offers serious golfers the perfect atmosphere for practicing. The range itself has several targets scattered throughout. It also has marked distances all the way through with the farthest marking of 229 yards. A second front entrance connects the driving range pro-shop to the parking lot.  For hot summer days, the stalls are covered to provide plenty of shade. Driving range tokens may be purchased at the pro-shop during the peak season, otherwise they can be purchased at the ticket office inside the arcade.


Snack Bar

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The snack bar offers a huge menu full of drinks, candy, and pizza. Just what anyone needs after riding the go-karts, playing mini-golf, or just hanging out.

Adult Go-Karts

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Start your engines on our three-quarter mile, over-under bridged Go Kart track for 5 minutes. Race your friends, family or teammates on our turbo-charged, twisting Go Kart track.

Go full-throttle around our thrilling hairpin curves and exhilarating straight-aways to test your driving skills and speed performance against the clock! Just think - the more you race, the faster you will get! There's no time for a Pit Stop on our superspeedway Go Kart track -this is as close to a NASCAR®adventureas you can get!

300lb. weight limit and restraints must lock
Single Seat:  Drivers 56" tall and 4 years old
Double Seat:  Drivers 56" tall and 18 years old & Passengers 36" tall and 4 years old..

Don't forget, our "Kiddie Go-Karts" are available for younger drivers!

Appropriate Footwear Required for Rider and Driver. Closed Toe Shoes Highly Recommended for Your Safety.

Kiddie Go-Karts

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This feature is especially geared for our youngest guests. It features small and safe (and slower) Go Karts that will provide grins from ear-to-ear for those children who are at least 36 inches and 4 years old. This secure and controlled Go Kart environment offers young racers everything they need to develop their racing skills!

For the younger children, these are smaller go-karts on a separate track. These cars are also replicas of the adult go-karts and each ride is 5 minutes.

Watching your children race like their favorite NASCAR® Pro will provide a lifetimeadventurememories.

Drivers must be at least 36" tall & 4 years old. Appropriate Footwear Required for Rider and Driver. Closed Toe Shoes Highly Recommended for Your Safety.


Kiddie Coaster

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Located in the Kiddie area of the park (separate from the big rides), the Kiddie Coaster is a fun roller-coaster for younger children that goes up and down and in circles. There are enough cars available for many to go at the same time. Perfect for that birthday party group!

Height Requirement: 33" tall with adult, 44" tall without adult. 1 amusement ride ticket.

Bumper Boats

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Bumper Boats are CLOSED for the season.

You can be your own Captain on thisadventurecruise. Our BUMPER BOATS are a great way to escape the heat while you bump, dodge, and splash your way around the Bumper Boat Pond! Each Bumper Boat can circle, surprise, and twist into other drivers to add to your bumpin' action!

Bump your way through a supersoaking battle at the helm of your own bumper boat.  Cool off with your entire family on this classic ride.

Rider must be 48" tall and 8 years old.


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With over 85 games to choose from, players of all ages can test their gaming skills on some of the hottest games in town! "Slam-A-Winner," "Pac-Man," "Ski-ball"  and "Big Bass Wheel" are just some of the games at our interactive video game mega-arcade. Our state-of-the-art arcade offers players a wide variety of exciting and challenging games. Compete with your favorite sports heroes, race in a grand prix or become a super crime fighter! Playing in an arcade has never been so intense!

Try your luck at any of our ticket redemption games for a chance to select prizes from our topnotch redemption center. Players of all ages can drive, blast, and dance their way to high scores and premium prizes for hours of exciting entertainment! You can win tickets on our skill games and take a prize home from one of America's finest prize centers.

With new games arriving all the time, you won't want to miss out on this great gaming adventure! 


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Located in the Kiddie area of the park (separate from the big rides), the Clown-A-Round is for smaller children to have safe fun. This ride turns circles and cycles up and down at the same time. Perfect for those who are too young for the bigger rides!

Height Requirement: 36" tall. 1 amusement ride ticket.

Adult Swings

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The Adult Swings are a classic carnival attraction that has chairs on chains in a circle that swings you in cirlces. Always a fun time for those who enjoy carnivals!

Height Requirement: 42" tall. 1 amusement ride ticket.

Kiddie Swings

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Located in the Kiddie area of the park (separate from the big rides), this miniature version of the Adult Swings (see above) is perfect for those too young or short for the real thing. This one is perfectly safe and offers just as much fun!

Height Requirement: 36" tall. 1 amusement ride ticket.

Kiddie Copters

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Located in the Kiddie area of the park (separate from the big rides), the Kiddie Copters resembles the bigger ride of the park, Paratrooper, with smaller helicopters that turn in circles and go up and down. Fun for those who want to fly!

Height Requirement: 36" tall. 1 amusement ride ticket.

Bumble Bees

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Located in the kiddie ride area of the park, the bumble bees are guaranteed fun for the little ones! Each bee flies up and down while going in circles. Come check it out!

Height Requirement: 36" tall. 1 amusement ride ticket.


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The Rock-o-Plane, another HUGE and HIGH ride, is a fun ferris-wheel type of attraction but with one twist...you! Each Pod swings in complete circles with the wheel's own movement and makes for tons of fun! Try it out to get a new perspective!

Height Requirement: 42" tall with adult, 48" tall without adult. 1 amusement ride ticket.


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Just next to the adult stock-karts is the roller-coaster style Himalaya. This round ride is fun for people of all ages and seats up to 2 per car.

Height Requirement: 36" tall with adult, 54" tall without adult. 1 amusement ride ticket.


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A classic in its self, All Star Adventures has a huge carousel fun for all ages with different animals to ride, This wonderful attraction is guaranteed fun for all who ride it!

Height Requirement: 36" tall without adult. 1 ride ticket.

Turbo Slide

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The Turbo Slide, located next to the Paratrooper, is a huge slide that allows guests to use potato sacks to slide down on. It has varying aisles and you can really have a fun time picking up speed going down this giant!

Height Requirement: 36" tall without adult.
1 amusement ride ticket.


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Located close to the Turbo Slide, the Paratrooper is a HUGE fun ride that has ten pods that swing at an angle and go sideways with the spin of the ride. Guaranteed fun for those who like going high!

Height Requirement: 48" tall with adult, 54" tall without adult, 1 amusement ride ticket.


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Come test your strength with this carnival-style game where you take a large sledge hammer and hit a surface as hard as you can to ring the bell at the top. Fun for all ages! Only open during larger group events.

$2.00 for 3 hits.

Dragon Coaster

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Like a mini-roller coaster, the dragon coaster is a fun and exciting ride that takes riders for an exciting ride on curves, dips, and quick turns. Come check it out for a thrill!

Height Requirement: 36" tall with adult, 48" tall without adult, 1 amusement ride ticket.


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Another classic in its self, the Tilt-a-Whirl is an attraction that swings spinning seats of people close to each other safely and with as much fun as possible! The Tilt-a-Whirl never lets you down!

Height Requirement: 46" tall without adult.
1 amusement ride ticket.


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The Spider, located near the Carousel, is a ride that spins in varying circles with separate spinning seats that also go up and down. This ride is great fun and a thrill for all who ride it.

Height Requirement: 48" tall with adult, 54" tall without adult, 1 amusement ride ticket.

Batting Cages

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Hit a homerun at our batting cages! We have 7 professional styled batting offering various speeds of baseball and softball pitching that will give you a competitive edge - both for fun and for practice. Whether you're in tee ball, softball, or on your way to the majors, you can be a baseball champion in our state-of-the-art batting cages.  Challenge yourself or challenge your friends as you head to home plate and bat your way to hall-of-fame greatness!

Swing your way out of the dugout and practice your stance, load, timing, pivot and more. Our cages offer slow, medium, or fast pitches for your perfect swing.  Practice your bunts or find your sweet spot; either way our winning fastballs will make you the next MVP!

Batting helmets are required.

Attention Teams and Coaches: Call us today! We have team rentals available. Please call for reservations.


Bumper Cars

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When you get done bumping around outside at the bumper boats, come inside to the arcade and do it again on the bumper cars! This air-traveling way of bumping offers a fun new way to have fun. Each bumper will seat one and lasts four minutes. It is located directly in the middle of the arcade, so you can't miss it!

Height Requirement:  44" tall.
1 amusement ride ticket.


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This is family fun at its best! In addition to the Arcade games, a two-lane bowling game called "Bowlingo" is available. It works much the same way regular bowling goes, only without special shoes! Each bowler gets a 10-frame game, and the computers accurately keep scores. It's a great way to spend some quality time together that everyone will enjoy.  

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